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Process flow

1. Introduction to powder metallurgy process and products

Powder metallurgy products are produced by forming-sintering method using metal powders such as iron powder, copper powder, stainless steel powder, etc., including non-metallic powders. The traditional process is: mixing-pressing-sintering - shaping - post-treatment, that is, firstly preparing the prepared high-purity mixed powder into a mold, pressing and forming under a certain pressure, and then performing the compact in a controlled atmosphere furnace at a temperature lower than the melting point of the base material Sintering to form a metallurgical bond between the powder particles:

2. Advantages of powder metallurgy process:

1. No or only a small amount of cutting is required,

2. Material transfer rate can be as high as 97%.

3. The manufacturing tolerances of the part dimensions are small and reproducible.

4. Material composition is adjustable,

5. The surface finish of the parts is better.

6. The strength and wear resistance can be improved by heat treatment.

7. For self-lubricating or filtering, materials or articles with controlled porosity are available.

8. It can manufacture parts with complicated shapes or strange shapes that cannot be manufactured by other metal forming processes.

9. Suitable for medium to large batch production.